The Soil Atlas of China


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Author: Xiong Yi
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 1986-01

Amounting to 31 maps in four parts are arranged in order to first the whole and then the part, first the basic and then the derivative, first the physical aspects and then the utilization and amelioration
Part I contains the maps of introduction, including the Administrative map of China, the Topographic Map of China and the maps of average annual air-temperature and annual precipitation of China
Part II contains the maps of soils, including the "Soil Map of China" and 8 Soil maps of major regions of china. In the Soil Map of China are shown the principal soil types and their macro-regional distribution regularity, illustrating nationwide aspects of soil resources in China. In addition, the 8 soil maps of major regions of China with their respective unique features are compiled as a supplement to the Soil Map of China, according to different bioclimatic zones in combination with a variety of geomorphological units. These regional soil maps reflect various soil types and the regularity of their association with the plains, basins, islands, plateaus and mountainous regions, which characterize the respective regional features of the soils in our country.
Part III contains the maps of the properties and parent materials of soils in China, 14 maps in total. The Map of Soil Parent Materials of which the types are classified on the basis of their origins, chemical properties and the particle size shows the distribution patterns of different parent materials. In the Map of Soil Geochemical Types of China, the types are defined in accordance with the soil geochemical development stages and their characteristics, reflecting the mineral constituents, translocation, features of concentration and dispersion and the regularity of gographical distribution of elements in soils and parent materials from the geochemical point of view. In such maps as the Map of Soil Texture of China, the Map of Clay Minerals in Soils of China, the Map of Organic Matter in Soils Important characteristics of geographical distribution for basic soil properties in China. In the Maps concerning the elements of fertility, such as shosphorus, potassium and microelements are illustrated the potential and distribution of plant nutrient elements. Apart from the map of Soil phosphorus potential of China, the Map of Phosphatic Fertilizers Suitable for Soils and the Response of Crops in China has been compiled from a standpoint of productive practice, thus providing a practical basis for the reasonable disposal of phosphatic fertilizers Suitable for Soils and the Response of Crops in China has ben compiled from a Standpoint of productive practice, thus providing a practical basis for the reasonable disposal of phosphatic fertilizer production, and rational selection and application of phosphatic fertilizers.
Part IV contains 4 maps of regionalization of soils of China. In the map of soil Regionalization of China, soils are regionalized in accordance with the principles of bioclimatic soil associations and geomorphological-soil associations, showing the regularity of regional differentiation of the soil mantle in China. Thus this map may be used as a basis for appropriate utilization and improvement of the soils. In the Map of Delimitation of Soil Salinization of China, the soils are regionalized according to the saline-geochemical characteristics of the soils, and it is capable of being used as a reference to the improvement of salt-affected soils in this country. In the Map of Distribution and Regionalization of Eroded Soils of China, the soils are delimited on the basis of factors affecting the erosion of soil and classified by erosional degree, which are capable of serving as the appraisal of soil resources and the water-soil conservation. In the form of combining regionalization with utilization patterns. The map of regionalization of Soil utilization in China gives expression to the current aspects of soil utilization for agriculture, forestry and pasture, which along with the map of soil regionalization of china and other maps, may serve as basic data for the working out of nationwide planning for agriculture, forestry and pasture.

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