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A Checklist on the Classification and Destribution of Vertebrate Species and Subspecies in Xinjiang

Author : Gao Xingyi Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787806939642 Published on: 2005-08 Hardcover

A New Galeaspid Agnathan from Lower Devonian of Guangxi,China(E-Paper,pdf file)

Author : Wang Junqing,Wang Shitao,Zhu min Language : Chinese Published on: 1999-01 Hardcover

A New Species of the Basal Bird Sapeornis from the Early Cretaceous of Liaoning,China(E-Paper,pdf file)

Author : Pauline PROVINI,Zhou Zhonghe,Zhang Fucheng Language : English Published on: 2009-01 Special

A New Study of Chaoyang's Fossils

Author : Lei Guangzhen Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787538177640 Published on: 2012-01 Hardcover

Atlas of Common Vertebrate in Hainan Diaoluo Mountain

Author : Wang Jichao Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787503874925 Published on: 2014-12 Paperback Atlas of Common Vertebrate in Hainan...

Atlas of Terrestrial Vertebrate in Heishiding

Author : Wang Ying Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9787040399578 Published on: 2014-06 Soft Cover Photographic Guides to Terrestrial...

Atlas of Terristrial Vertebrate Animals at Saihanwula National Nature Reserve of Inner Mongolia

Author : Bao Weidong and Li Guilin Language : Chinese with Latin name and English name ISBN/ISSN : 9787503858727 Published on: 2010-01 Paperback...

Cenozoic Mammals and Environment of Hengduan Mountains Region

Author : Zong Guanfu Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1996-01 Hardcover In this book, the Cenozoic mammalian fossils of the area...

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