Advances in Hydro-Science and Engineering( 2-Vol. set) -Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Hydro-Sciences and Engineering (ICHE-'95) (out of print)

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Language: English
Published on: 1995-01

This 2-volume set book, more than 300 papers contained, is the second volume of a series of books under the title ADVANCES IN HYDRO-SCIENCE AND -ENGINEERING. It is the proceedings of the Second International Conference on HydroSciences and Engineering ( Beijing, March 1995 ). This serial publication is to cover the current advancements in hydraulics, hydrodynamics, water resources, hydrology, environmental engineering, etc. , and provide a comprehensive references for researchers, engineers, managers and decision-makers. The book contains over 300 papers, covering eight topics under the central Theme of the ICHE-'95 "Sustainable Water Resources Development, its relevant technology, planning and decision making"
The second ICHE was organized by Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society(CHES) and International Research and Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation. It was co-sponsored by eleven international organizations or professional societies: UNESCO; UNEP; International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR); International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS); International Committee on Large Dames (ICOLD); International Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID); American Society of Civil Engineering(ASCE); Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE); German Association for water Resources and Land Improvement (DVWK); Japan Society of Civil Engineering (JSCE); The University of Mississipi, USA , and twenty two Chinese agencies and Institutes. The Central theme of the conference is "Sustainable Water Resources Development, its relevant technology, planning and decision making"
Part A (Pages: 1-1162):
1.Planning and Management of Water Conservancy Works
★Planning and Management (18 papers)
★ Irrigation Engineering ( 6 papers )
★ Navigation and Port (12 papers)
★ Engineering Hydraulics (22 papers);
2. Water -Related environmental Problems
★ Benefit and Impact of Large-Scale;Project
(14 papers);
★ Water Quality and Pollution (14 papers).
3.Management of Water and Land Resources
★ Hydrological Modeling (9 paper) ;
★ Management of Water resources (26 papers);
★ Soil erosion and its control (8 papers) ; ★ Flood control (14 papers );
★ Social - economic Analysis (12 papers)
Part B (Pages: 1163-2274)
1. Coastal and Nearshore Processes
★ Development of coastal resources (2 papers); ★ Coastal flow (13 papers);
★ Estuary and Nearshore processes (17 papers); ★ Shore protection (4 papers)
★ Water waves ( 8 papers);
2. Management of Large Reservoirs and Lakes
★ Operation and management (12 papers);
★Reservoir Sedimentation (8 papers);
3. Ground water and Pollutant Transport
★ Seepage and ground water flow (12 papers);
★ Pollutant transport (8 papers);
4. River Mechanics
★Hydraulics of Alluvial rivers (15papers);
★ Fluvial processes (20 papers);
★ Sediment transportation in rivers (11papers);
5. Computational Modeling (17 papers)

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