Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering – Proceedings of 16th IAHR-PAD Congress and 3rd Symposium of IAHR-ISHS (Vol.III: Fluvial processes and River Engingeering)

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Author: Changkuan Zhang & Hongwu Tang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787302186625
Published on: 2008-01

Focusing on this central theme, the set of proceedings consists of six volumes. Each volume subsequently contains four or five sub-themes. In volume 4, the topic of the additional forum on “Resettlement and Social Aspects” is added.

Analysis of the Characters of Erosion and Deposition Downstream from the Reservoir
A Bed form Based Resistance Function for alluvial Channels from Experimental Data
Transport Characteristics of Suspended Sediment on Mud Flat in A Tidal Channel
Fine Sediment deposition by Floods on the Upstream of A Weir With A Channel Bend
Local Scour Around Lateral Intakes in 180 Degree Curved Channel
On the Energy Used for Suspended Sediment by Water in Open-Channels
Hydraulic Experiments on Waves and Deformation of Mobile Riverbed with Sand Around Narrow Pass
Statistical Analysis of Bedforms Developed Under Unidirectional Flow
Numerical Computation of Turbulence Development in Flow Over Sand Dunes
Statistical Analysis of Collision Between Saltation Particle and Bed Surface
Bankfull Area Prediction Method Based on Erosion and Sedimentation
The Downcutting of Beijiang River’s Bed and Its Effect on Irrigating Environment
The Damage and Mechanism of Sediment of Sediment by Dredging from Irrigation Districts to Environment in the Lower Yellow River
Adsorption of Phosphorus on Different Sediments
Experimental Investigation of Phosphorus Release from Haihe River Sediments Capped by Natural Zeolites and Its Modified Ones
Ecological Impacts of Seabuckthorn in the Pisha Sandstone Area
Slope Hazard Risk Due to Rainfall Condition in Future
Influence on “Pdnrbc” by Sediment Concentration on Baishatan Cross Section
Design of Three Gorges Reservoir Hydrological and Sediment Analysis and Management System
Study of Influence on Cohesive Deposits Incipient Motion and Erosion by Dry Bulk Density
Instantaneous-Advective Structures of Large Scale Coherent Vortices Around A Single Groyne

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