Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering – Proceedings of 16th IAHR-PAD Congress and 3rd Symposium of IAHR-ISHS (Vol.IV: Estuarine and Coastal Hydraulics, Resttlement and Social Aspects)

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Author: Changkuan Zhang & Hongwu Tang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787302186625
Published on: 2008-01

Focusing on this central theme, the set of proceedings consists of six volumes. Each volume subsequently contains four or five sub-themes. In volume 4, the topic of the additional forum on “Resettlement and Social Aspects” is added.

Numerical Calculation of the Impact of Offshore Wind Power Stations on Hydrodynamic Conditions
Analysis of Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Estuarine Dynamic Process of the Dongjing River Delta Based on 1-D Numerical Model
Modeling Nonlinear Wave Based on Sph Method
Study on Prediction of Tide and Ocean Current by Data-Driven Model
Indian Ocean Tsunami on 26 December 2004: Numerical Modelling of Inundation in the City of Matara on the South Coast of Sri Lanka
Numerical Solutions of Berthing Stability by Wave-Permeable Breakwater
A Three Dimensional Baroclinic Flow Numerical Model in Estuarine and Coastal Regions Using double Sigma Coordinates System
Numerical Simulation of A Tsunami Propagation Considering the Regional Characteristic
Large Wave Simulation of Spilling Breakers Over Immersed Longshore Bar
Simulation of Pipeline Vibration and Scour
Modeling Wind and Tide-Induced Currents in the Eastern Ionian Sea: Patraikos Gulf ( Greece)
The Study on Poverty Influence Factors of Resettlers from Water Conservancy Project Based on Ridge Regression Model
Post-Resettlement Support: Policy Aimed at Poverty Alleviation and sustainable Development
Discussion on Resettlement Science
Designing of Safety Protection Net for Vulnerable Groups Among Involuntary Migration
Economic Integration Between the Outside Resettled from Three Gorges and the Coastal Resettlement Sites
Case Study of Ecological Migration Along Luntai Tarim River Nature Reserve
Study on the Countermeasures to Improve the Enforcement Dffects of the Reservoir Resettlement Post-Relocation Supporting Policies
Constructing the Participation Mechanism of Reservoir Resettlemnet
Water Usage Level Evaluation and Industry Structure Adjusting Policy in Zishui Basin
Assessment Study on Social Impact by Hydropower Exploitation in Nujiang River
The Establishment of Water Markets in Water Imported Areas of the East-Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project

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