Geology and Palaeontology of Tuomuer Peak region,Tianshan,China


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Language: China with Latin name
Published on: 1985-01


Geology of Tuomur Region
1. A General Description of the Regional Geology
2. Stratigraphy
3. Characteristics of Structural Geology
4. Granite
5. Metamorphic Rock
6. Isotopic assay of Geological Chronology
7. Evolution of Regional Geology
8. The Relationship between Slab Structure and Sedimentation of Stratum, Mobilization of igneous magma, Geologic Structure and Mineralization
9. Quaternary Loess
Fossils in the South of Tuomuer Region
1. Fusulinids of the the Late Carboniferous epoch
2. Foraminifers of the Late Carbniferous epoch
3. Gastropos of the Late Carboniferous epoch
4. Calcareous Algal of the Late Carboniferous epoch
5. The Discovery of Westphalian flora
6. Flora of early Jurassic epoch

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