Late Silurian–Devonian Strata and Fossils from Luqu–Tewo Area of West Qinling Mountains , China (2 Volumes Set)


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Author: Xi’an Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Academia Sinica
Language: China with Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7305001681
Published on: 1987-01

On the bases of thirteen palaeontological phylum data, some of fossil successions are esteblished. i.e. 15 rugose coralassemblage zones, 14 tabulate coral assmblage zones, 18 brachiopod assemblage zones, 4 nautiloid assemblages zones, 6 ostracod assemblage zones and 6 spore asseblage zones. Bisides, there are vertical distributive biostratigraphic successions of conodonts, tentaculitids and trilobites. These research works provide scientific basis for ascertaining the strigraphic ages and correlations.

本書分為上、下冊出版。上冊包括兩個部分的內容:1. 碌曲、迭部地區上志留統至下石炭統,特別是整個泥盆系地層的劃分、對比,界線地層的確定,各生物地層中化石組合面貌、特徵,以及泥盆系主要剖面沉積相、區域古地理;2. 珊瑚類 (四射、床板、日射和刺毛珊瑚)與苔蘚蟲的系統描述。下冊的內容則全部是除上述古生物門類以外的腕足類、腹足類、雙殼類、鸚鵡螺、菊石、竹節石、三葉蟲、牙形刺和微古植物等化石的描述。

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