Geology of Main Gold Metallogenic Belts in Northern Part of China (E-Book)

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Author: Jin Chengwei
Language: English
Published on: 1996-01

The northern part of China is the main gold occurrence region in China. Five provinces among the first six mountain gold reserve provinces are located in this region, and five provinces among the first six placer gold provinces are also situated in the region. In the recent ten years, members of Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences have fulfilled a lot of researches on gold geology in the northern part of China. Their works spread all over the main gold occurrences, including Altay, Junggar, Tianshan, Kunlun, Qilian, Qinling and southern, northern and eastern margin of the North China Platform, Research on gold geology involves not only comprehensive study of large scale geology and geophysical-geochemical prospecting for a regional mineralizing belt, and also detail analysis fro some typical mines. This book is intended as a statement of current knowledge of the nature and genesis for gold deposits in the northern part of China.

The book is organized based on structural framework and gold mineralizing characters in the northern part of China, and divided gold deposits in the region into Altay-Junggar, Tianshan, northern margin of the North China Platform, southern margin of the North China Platform (Qinling area) and eastern Shandong gold mineralizing belts. It describes geological characters, mineralizing regular and genesis combined with discussion on geological and tectonic evolution for each gold mineralizing belt. Last chapter is placed on emphasis of some general and specific characters of gold mineralization in the region. The book stand as a record of gold research in Institte of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and is designed as an up-to-data summary of results for gold mineralization in the northern part of China. The editors have not attempted to ensure that all chapters are presented in uniform format. Some chapters may discuss regional character of mineralizing belt or analysis typical mines and deposits, and other chapters may emphasis on ore-forming fluids or pay more attention to mine structure.

The research summarized within this book is based on study of gold geology in the recent ten years, and would not have been possible without financial support from state and Chinese Academy of Sciences to these major projects. The book is the collective experience of the members involving the projects. Special thanks are given to professors Liu Binguang and Yang Zhende for useful suggestions, who had also made great results in the eastern Shandong and northern margin of the North China Platform in the region.


1. Tectonic framework and main gold mineralizing belts in northern part of
2. The Characteristics of the Altay-Junggar gold mineralization belt
3. The Tianshan orogenic belt" tectonic evolution and its relation to gold
4. Geological settings and genesis of gold deposits on the northern margin of
North China Platform
5. Regional mineralization of gold and its typical deposits in southern belt
of northern margin of North China fault-block region
6. Origin of gold deposits in metallogenic areas of eastern Shandong
7. Gold deposits in southern margin of North China Platform
8. Greenstone, magmatism and gold mineralization

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