Glaciers of Xizang (Tibet)-The Series of the Scientific Expedition to Qinghai-xizang Plateau


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Author: Li Jijun and Zheng Benxing
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1986-01

Glaciers of Xizang (Tibet)

Chapter 1. Physico-Geographical Conditions of the Glacier Development
Chapter 2. Distribution and Properties of the Existing Glaciers
Chapter 3. Basic Features of Glaciers in Xizang Region
Chapter 4. Glacial Hydrology in Xizang Region
Chapter 5. Regional Divisions of Existing Glaciers in Xizang Region
Chapter 6. The relics of quaternary Glaciation in Xizang Region
Chapter 7. Plateau's Uplift and its Impact on the Evolution of Former Glaciation
Chapter 8. Glacial Variation in Holocene and the Trend of Existing Glaciers
Chapter 9. Geological and Geomorphological actions of Glacier
Appendice: I Distribution map of Glaciers in Xizang and its Nearby Region (1/2000000)
Appendice: II Map of Giangyong Glacier (1/25000)

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