ICEB 2013 The 7th Intemational Conference on Explosives and Blasting(China-Japan-Korea)

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Author: Wang Xuguang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787502464516
Published on: 2013-10

The International Conference on Explosives and Blasting (ICEB) is a symposiumfor scientific and technical update on all aspects of explosives and blasting amongChina, Japan and Korea. From 2006 to 2011, The ICEB has been convened annu-ally for six times, alternatively in China, Japan and Korea, serving the blastingcommunity from the three countries with an excellent combination of scientific ad-vances and practical applications. In order to improve the quality of papers andfurther promote the development of the conference, the organizing committee de-cided to hold the ICEB once every two years since 2011.
  The 7th ICEB is organized by China Society of Engineering Blasting. The top-ics covered in this edition are wide-ranging fromrockmasscharacterizationandfragmentation, blast design and implementation, demolition blasting, underwaterblasting, special blasting, blastinstrumentation, blastingmonitoring,tosafetyandenvironment.
  This symposium has attracted wide attention and support from these three coun-tries. The number of papers received this time is 43, far more than that of anyprevious ICEBs. After the rigorous review of abstracts and papers, 33 papers ( 18from China, 5 from Japan and 10 from Korea) are accepted for publication and 28papers are recommended to be presented at this symposium. Papers to be presen-ted are mainly on four aspects, blast design &; modeling, blast instrumentation,demolition blasting and blast monitoring, safety &; environment.
  We would like to express our hearty thanks to the members of the China-Japan-Korea Technical Committee of Explosives and Blasting for their help and coopera-tion, and to the members of the national organizing committee for their critical re-view of all the submissions. We ~annot hold the event successfully without thegenerous financial support and the active cooperation of Zhuhai Society of Engi-neering Blasting, and the hard work of Metallurgical Industry Press. We sincerelywish the 7th ICEB a big success!

Session 1 Blast Design &; Modeling
Session 2 Blast Instrumentation
Session 3 Demolition Blasting
Session 4 Blast Monitoring, Safety &; Environment 

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