Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Rare Earth Development and Application


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Author: Yu Zongsen Yan Chunhua Xu Guangyao Niu Jingkao Chen Zhanheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502428070
Published on: 2001-01

The 4th International Conference on Rare Earth Development & Application ( ICRE’2001) is a continuation of the three previous conferrences held in China, in 1985 (Beijing), 1991 (Beijing), 1995 (Baotou), respectively.
There are more 60 papers from 10 countries contained in this volume, some of them are abstracts. The book covers the fields of Rare Earth Resources ,Rare Earth Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Metallurgy and Environmental Protection, Rare Earth New Materials, Rare Earth Application in Agriculture and Medicine.

Rare Earth Resources
REE Metallogenic History and Feature in Panxi Region, Sichuan
Superiority and Development Srategy of the Chinese REE Resources

Rare Earth Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Metallurgy and Environmental Protection
Progress in Separation Progress of Rare Earths
Thermochemical Investigations on Ternary Rare Earth Compounds
Caculation of Surface Tension of Molten Lanthenum Containing Binary and Ternary Chlorde Mixtures
A New Separation Progress for Rare Earth Mixture with Low Yttrium Content
Extraction Kinetics of Yttrium with Sec-octylphenoxy Acetic Acid
HPLC Combined with ICP Spectrometry for the Determination of Trace Rare Earth Impurities in Hing-purity
Rare Earth Oxides by Using 2-ethylhexyl hydrogen 2-ethylhexyphonate Resin as the Stationary Phase
Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes Hydroxamic Acid with Rare Earth
Study on Reduction Thorium Content of Rare Earth Water Leach Dregs

Rare Earth New Materials
Preparation ,Microstructure ande Eleactrial Properities of Nanocrystalline Rare Earht Stabilized Zirconia Films
Effect of Ceriun on the Structure and Properties of LaMn Catalyst and γ-Al2O3 Washcoat
Phase Transition and Absorption Spectrum of BaLn2Mn2O7(Ln=Eu and Gd)
Investigation and Application of a New-type LPC Mixed Rare Earth Metal
New Complex Oxide Compounds with Rare-Earth Elements .Their Synthesis, Structure and Properties

Rare Earth Application in Agriculture and Medicine
A Study on the Anti-Carcinogenic Effect of Lanthanide Citrate of S180 Sarcoma of Mice
Effect of Rare Earth Increasing yield and Improving Quality and Reducing Agricultural Chemical Remains in Crop Products
The Macrocyclic Complexes of Lanthanides and Bio-medical Tasks
The Environmental Behaviorof Rare Earth Elements Applied in Agicutural Soils
Effcet of Rare Earth on Calcium Content of Fruit Trees

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