Intertidal Trace-Making Faunas and their Traces in the Northern Gulf of China


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Author: Wang Zhenru
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1994-01

Abundant animals in the intertidal zone form the characteristic trace-making faunas and their living traces. Totally, 156 species (including 16 indetermined species) are identified, and they belong to 69 families, 16 classes and 10 phyla respectively. Detailed study on the characteristics and regularities of various faunas, including their structural levels, living habitats and traces, etc., have been done in this article.

1. Brief account on natural environments
2. Intertital dpositional environments
3. Intertidal trace-making faunas and their habit traces
4. Intertidal trace-making animal communities and ichnocoenoses
5. Concluding remarks
6. Abstract in English
7. Main references
8. Index of gnera and species
9. Plates and explanation of plates

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