Policies and Actions on Sustainable Development in China


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Author: Zhang Kunmin
Language: English
Published on: 2001-01

1. The Past, Present and Future of Environmental Protection in China
2. Introduction of A Course in China's Environmental Protection Law
3. Advances in the Scientific and Technological Research on Water Pollution Control in China
4. China's Experience in Environmental Protection
5. A Book Elaborating the Viewpoints of the South
6. An Introduction to the 1992 Report on the State of the Environmental in China
7. Nuclear Energy and Environment of China
8. Welcome and Expectation for a Book- Words to the Continuation of the Lessons from Japan's Pollution Events
9. Seize the Golden Opportunity and Take Part in Comprehensive plicymaking to Build Up New Ground for the Cause of Environmental Protection
10. A Historical Record, a Reference book and a Mirror for Later Comers
11. Applying Economic Instruments for Sustainable Development in China
12. Sustainable Development: What It Means to China?
13. Environmental Management and Public Participation
14. A Powerful Means to Promote Sustainable Development-Preface for the Cleaner Production
15. Sustainable Development and Its Practice in China
16. China's Attitude to the Prevention of Global Warming-A Talk with the Resident Reporter of Yomiuri Newspaper in Beijing
17. From Concepts into Actions-Foreword of the Introduction to Sustainable Development
18. China's Desulfurization Potential
19. About China's Trans-Century Green Project Plan
20. Meeting the Challenges-Thinking about the Environment in China
21. A Book Undoubtedly Worth Reading-Preface for the Prevention against Global Warming
22. China's Urban Environmental Problems and Regional Cooperation
23. Rise and Development of Environmental Literature in China
24. China's Urban Environmental Problems and Regional Cooperation
25. Policy Framework and Investment Priorities on Environmental Protection of China
26. A Successful Attempt
27. Possible Areas of CDM Projects in China
28. China's Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gases Control
29. The study on Urban Environmentally Sustainable Development Indicators in China
30. Environmental Education: Basis of Environmental Protection
31. Water Is the Source of Life-Preface of the Water Price Reform in the Implementation of Sustainable Development
32. The Active Attitude toward Climate Issues-Preface of the Climate Protection Initiative
33. Foreword of the U.S. Environmental Encyclopedia
34. China's Enivironmental Policy, Energy Policy and Great Development of Western Regions
35. Policy Reformation and Environmental Protection in China
36. Economic Analysis Is a Difficult Issue during EIA Process-Preface of the Economic Valuation on Environmental Impact Analysis
37. Do Our Best for CCICED-Work Report of the Secretariat of CCICED
38. About Environmental Protection in the New Century-A Talk with the Reporter of the World Envrionmental
39. China's Points of View and Countermeasures on Global Warming
40. Capacity Building for Sustainable Development in China at the Beginning of the 21st Century
41. Some Changes Have Been Planned for Phase III of CCICED
42. China's Water Environment at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Challenges and Countermeasures
43. Progress on Indicators of Urban Ecologically Sustainable Development
44. Sustainable Development and Environmental Industry in China

1. Environmental Production Law of the People's Republic of China
2. An Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change Caused by Human Activities on China's Environment
3. China's Ten Strategic Plicies on Environment and Development
4. China: Issues and Options in Greenhouse Gas Emission Control (Executive Summary)
5. Elements from the 20 Years on China's Environmental Protection Administration
6. China's NinthFive-Years Plan on Environmental Protection (Summary)
7. Environmental Protection in China
8. The National Action Program for Environmental Publicity and Education
9. Elements from the Introduction to Sustainable development

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