Stag Beetles of China III

中华锹甲 (三)

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Author: Huang Hao & Chen Chang Chin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9789868685048
Published on: 2017-10


Explanations on plates of specimens

Abbreviations used in texts

Abbreviations used in plates and text-figures of characters and genitalia

Abbreviations of the collections used in this book

Chapter 1 Further research on the genera Lucanus and Eolucanus from China-supplement 2 to “Stag beetles of China 1”

Chapter 2 Further research on the tribe Dorcini from China-supplement to “Stag beetles of China 2”

Chapter 3 Notes on Prosopocoilus inquinatus Westwood

Chapter 4 Dorcus pemakoi sp.nov. from SE Tibet and NE India

Chapter 5 Genus Prismognathus Motschulsky from China

Chapter 6 Genus Cyclommatus Parry, 1863 from China and its adjacent areas

Chapter 7 Genus Capreolucanus Didier from China

Chapter 8 Genus Aegus MacLeay, 1819 from China

Chapter 9 Tribe Figulini Burmeister from China

Chapter 10 A review of subfamily Syndesinae MacLeay, 1819 (sensu Holloway 1968) from China

Chapter 11 A review of the tribe Aesalini MacLeay, 1819 from China

Chapter 12 Two new species of the genus Platycerus Geoffroy, 1762 from Yunnan

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