The Technical History of China's Grand Canal

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Author: Xuming Tan & Yunpeng Li
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9781945552038
Published on: 2020-06

Based on the past 30-years' research on the technical and cultural values of China's Grand Canal, this book, based on interdisciplinary research, studies the natural and social background of the evolution and development of different sections of the Grand Canal in different historical periods, as well as the interrelations between the Grand Canal and the Chinese politics, economics, and culture. It also assesses the effects of the Grand Canal on the progress of the Chinese civilization, engineering technology achievement, the natural environment, and the society, providing the readers with an understanding of China's Grand Canal from the perspectives of hydraulic engineering and history.

Chapter 1    Introduction
Chapter 2    The Tonghui Canal
Chapter 3    The North Canal
Chapter 4    The South Canal
Chapter 5    The Huitong Canal (Including the Middle Canal)
Chapter 6    The Huaiyang Canal
Chapter 7    The Jiangnan Canal
Chapter 8    The Zhedong Canal
Chapter 9    Conclusion: Core Values of the Chinese Grand Canal

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