(1995-1998) China National Report on Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences


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Author: Chinese National Committee for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Language: English
Published on: 1999-01

1. Global Change
(1) New Development in Global Change Studies in China
(2) The analysis and numerical simulation of the low Ozone Center over the Tibetan Plateau
2. Climate Variability and Predictability
(1) Short-term Climatic Anomaly Numerical Prediction Research in IAP/CAS
(2) Advances in Climate Change Studies and Climate Modeling in China: 1995-1998
(3) On Interaction between ENSO and East-Asian Monsoon
(4) The Surface Thermal Feature of the Tibetan Plateau and Its Impacts on Weather and Climate
(5) The Five Major Meteorological Scientific Experiments of China
3. Meteorology
(1) Recent Development of National Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Systems
(2) Recent Development in Satellite Meteorology in China
(3) Advances in Hydrometeorology in China
(4) Brief Account for the Recent Progress in Marine Meteorology in China
(5) Progress in the Study of Nonlinear Atmospheric Dynamics in China (1995-1998)
4. Mesoscale meteorology
(1) Major Progress on Mesoscale Meteorological Research in China in 1990s
(2) An Overview on the Advances of Tropical Cyclone Research and Forecasting
5. Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
(1) Advancements in Atmospheric Chemistry Research in China during 1995-1998

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