2007 Evaluation Report on China’s Reform - Annual Report on Reform China Institute for Reform and Development

2007 中国改革评估报告

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Author: Chi Fulin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119050782
Published on: 2007-01

Compared with previous years, this year's report has continued our past style but is more concise. Apart from the Introduction, the reports deal with reforms in rural areas, enterprises, the macroeconomic system, social structure and administrative system. Authors of the various chapters are all specialists with in-depth knowledge of their areas and authorities in their fields. To best reflect their academic views, the report maintains the authors' individual view-points and styles.

The China Institute for Reform and Development (CIRD) was established in 1991,with joint investment from the Chinese government and enterprise. With network-based, internationalized and independent operations, the CIRD mainly conducts research on China's reform policy and transitional economy. It also provides training, consultancy and conference services.

Following the guideline of "basing its research activities in Hainan, interfacing with the whole country, and building up a worldwide network," the CIRD centers its independent research on the theoretical and practical issues of wide concern which are emerging in the course of China's economic transition. Regarding the giving of frank advice on China's reform as its particular responsibility, the CIRD provides pertinent proposals on policy-making and legislation.

The CIRD president is under the Board of Directors, and the CIRD operational mechanism is characterized by "a small organization with an extensive network." Its academic committee, composed of some of China's leading experts, serves as the hub of the CIRF's network of expertise, and is the competitive edge of CIRD's professional work.

Introduction Toward Comprehensive System Innovation
Chapter One Rural Reform : System Innovation to Unify Rural and Urban Development
Chapter Two Enterprise Reform : Building an Institutional Guarantee for Fair competition
Chapter Three Macroeconomic Reforms : Toward a Transformation of Economic Growth Patterns
Chapter Four Social Reform : Development the Systems and Mechanisms for a Harmonious Society
Chapter Five Administrative Restructuring for Service – Oriented Government

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