A Research on the Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models

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Author: Tang Guoan
Language: English
Published on: 2000-01

There is a growing interest in investigating the accuracy of Digital Terrain Model (DTM), yet many people have an unbalanced view of DTM errors. They emphasize DTM sampling errors, but often ignore the impact of DTM resolution and terrain roughness on the accuracy of terrain representation. This research puts forward the concept of DTM terrain representation errors, then investigates the causes of error generationand discusses the major factors affecting the error and the measurement, simulation and visualization of DEM terrain representation errors. A comparative multiresolution approach is used as the major methodology in this research. The experiments reveal quantitative relationships between the error and the variation of resolution and terrain roughness at both global and local levels. Error maps prove to be an effective method for revealing the spatial structure of DTM errors. Finally, the effect of DTM errors on the accuracy of morphologic and hydrological derivatives is investigated. The results would be helpful to people who are trying to predict and evaluate the quality of DTMs and their derivatives, as well as to determine the DTM resolution that is proper to the accuracy requirement of a particular user.

1. Introduction
(1) The Concepts of GIS and DEM
(2) Studies on GIS and DEM accuracy
(3) The Development of Spatial Data Quality Research
(4) The Objective and Principal Work of this Study

2. Literature Review and Research Context
(1) A Few Key Concepts and Terminology
(2) The Generation of DEM and the Sources of DEM Errors
(3) Quantifying and Measuring DEM Errors
(4) DEM Accuracy Analysis
(5) The Accuracy of DEM Derivatives

3. Three Research Basis
(1) The Test areas
(2) Original Data and Their Accuracy
(3) Analysis Tools

4. The Accuracy of DEM Terrain Representation
(1) The Concept of DEM Terrain Representation Error
(2) Methodology
(3) Experiment Results and Discussions

5. The Spatial Structure of DEM Error
(1) The Spatial Structure of DEM Terrain Representaion Error
(2) The Spatial Structure of DEM Sampling Error

6. Modeling DEM Et at A Local Level
(1) Et Local Simulation Based on Topographic Variables
(2) An Indirect Simulation of DEM Et

7. The Impact of Et on DEM Derivative Accuracy
(1) Objective and Method
(2) The Accuracy of Slope and Aspect Derived
(3) The Accuracy of Hydrologic Data Derived

8. Conclusions and Discussions
(1) Results of This Study
(2) Discussions and Further Works

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