Remote Sensing Witness-Atlas of Satellite Images for the 20th Anniversary of China RSGS


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Author: China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station Chinese Academy of Sciences
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 7030182753
Published on: 2006-01

During two decades since its establishment, the Station has been making great efforts to make improvement and innovation as “the nation’s foundational facility for earth observation” in a bid to provide abundant and various remote sensing data. All kinds of representative satellite images received or being received by the Station are collected in this atlas, including images received from US Landsat-5 TM and Landsat-7 ETM+extensively used in China; SPOT series satellites featuring medium/high resolution, Indian Resourcesat-1 satellite (from which images were newly received), QuickBird satellite (currently featuring the highest resolution in the world), and as well as SAR satellites (Radarsat-1 and Envisat-1), which are seeing soaring development of use of their data. In a word, different historical data are recorded with different types of sensors and cameras with different resolutions about the beautiful territory of China. The data have objectively and authentically reflected the development and changes of China during the past two decades. On the other hand, it has showed the technical strength and capability of the Station.

Introductory Images
1. The First Image Received by RSGS, CAS
2. The Image Map of China
3. Different Images of Beijing
4. Sample Image and Its Explanation
PART I Urban Construction
1. Beijing
2. Tianjin
3. Shijiazhuang
4. Taiyuan
5. Huhhot
6. Shenyang
7. Changchun
8. Harbin
9. Shanghai
10. Nanjing
11. Hangzhou
12. Ningbo
13. Yiwu and Dongyang
14. Hefei
15. Fuzhou
16. Xiamen
17. Nanchang
18. Jinan
19. Zhengzhou
20. Wuhan
21. Changsha
22. Guangzhou
23. Zhujiang Delta
24. Nanning
25. Haihou
26. Chongqing
27. Chengdu
28. Guiyang
29. Kunming
30. Lhasa
31. Xi’an
32. Lanzhou
33. Xining
34. Yinchuan
35. Urumqi
36. Aksu
37. Hong Kong
38. Macao
39. Taipei
PART II Key Engineering Projects
1. The Three Gorges Project
2. The Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Railway
3. The Hangzhou Bay
4. Donghai Bridge and Hangzhouwan Bridge
5. The Yellow River Estuary
6. The Yellow River Dike
7. Danjiangkou Reservoir
8. Upper Reaches of Miyun and Guanting Reservoirs
9. The Forest of the Daxing’an Mountains Range
10. The Lop Nur
11. The Daqing Oilfield
12. Highway in Desert
13. Jinzhou-Zhengzhou Oil Pipeline Project
14. Geological Interpretation Graph of the Reconstructed Lan-Xin Railway
15. The Chonghua-Zengcheng Highway
16. Pingdingshan Coal Mine Project
17. Qinhuangdao Harbor Project
18. Hongqi Canal Water Diversion Project
19. The Badaling Great Wall
20. The Relice of Great Canal in Sui and Tang Dynasties in Suzhou, Anhui Province
21. The Tongwancheng Relics of Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province
PART III Agricultural Development
1. Spray Irrigation Farmland
2. Baihu Lake-Garden Farm
3. Panjin Rice Base
4. Wetland in North of Dongting Lake
5. Datong Lake Water Network Farmland
6. Jianli Yangtze River Alluvial Plain Farmland
7. Laiwu Intermountain Plain Farmland
8. Shuozhou Hilly Region Terrace
9. Erhai Lake Plain Farmland
10. New Farmland at the Foot of Helan Mountain
11. Tuokexun Oasis
12. Turpan Oasis Farmland
13. North Xinjiang Aweitan Oasis Farmland
14. Qitai of Xinjiang
15. Proluvial Fan Oasis
16. Hulun Buir Grassland
17. Adjustment and Change of Winter Wheat Plantation Structure of Beijing
18. Estimation of Crop Area
19. Survey of Wheat and Corn Plantation in Pizhou City
20. Monitoring of Crude Protein Content of Wheat, Jiangsu Province
21. Fuzhou ASAR Late Rice Distribution Diagram
22. The Daxing’an Mountains Range
23. Genhe Daxing’an Mountains Range
24. Meili Snow Mountains
25. Tianchi Lake, Changbai Mountains
26. Yibin
27. Tropical Seasonal Rain Forest-Limuling Forest, Hainan Island
28. The Agriculture in the Tonghai Mountains
29. The Agriculture in the Qinling Mountains
30. Survey of Zhangpu Forest Resources
31. Handagaisumu
32. Hailar
33. Forest Land and Man-made Pasture of Hulun Buir League
34. Songnen Plain Wetland (part)
35. Lianyuankang Aquaculture Bae
36. Aquaculture Base in Southern Part of Tanghai County, Hebei Province
37. Zhuanghe Breedign Base
38. Dongwuyang
39. Tanggu Harbour
40. Wuhan Fishery
41. Fishing Area of East China Sea
PART IV Land Resources
1. Taiwan Island
2. Diaoyu Island
3. Amphitrite Islands
4. Crescen Islands
5. East China Sea Island
6. Northern Bay
7. Zhoushan Islands
8. Qiongzhou Strait
9. Zixing
10. Baoji
11. Qilihe
12. Temperate Zone, Moist Plain and Hill
13. Xi’an City
14. Kekexili
15. Germu
16. Proluvial Distributed Flow Through Vault-shaped Structure
17. Fancy View of Gobi Oasis
18. Scene of Stone Mountain and Gobi Oasis
19. Oasis in Desert
20. Distinct Geological Structure of Kuche, Xinjiang
21. Salt Marsh and Argillaceous Desert in Qaidam
22. Salt Marsh and Mud Desert
23. The Taklimakan Desert
24. Crescent-like Dunes
25. The Tenggeli Desert
26. The Xingkai Lake
27. The Poyang Lake
28. Salt Lake on Alpine
29. Chaiwopu and Salt Lake
30. The Bosten Lake
31. Big Sugan Lake and Small Sugan Lake
32. Southern Slope of Altai Mountain, Xinjiang
33. Peak Everest
34. Bogeda Peak
35. Geladandong
36. Burning Mountain
37. Huangshan TaishaN Movmfasin
38. The Peak of Mount Tai
39. The Lushan Mountain
40. Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie Scenic Spot
41. Tenghcong Volcano Cluster
42. Guiling City
43. Peak Forest and Peak Cluster Scenery
44. Dexing Copper Mine, Jiangxi Province
45. Yaziquan Mining Area, Hami City
46. Monitoring of Opencut Coal Mine in Shanxi
47. Monitoring of Gulaben Coal Mine, Inner Mongolia
48. Land Cover of Zhaling Lake
49. Check of Land Use for Construction in Batches in Zhengzhou
50. Tianjin Urban Reform and Development
51. Monitoring of Land Use in Guyang County
52. Land Use Monitoring of Sand Stone Mine in North Mianyang
53. Monitoring of Natural Wetland Reserve, Tianjin
PART V Ecological Environment
1. Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River
2. Jingpo Lake Natural Reserve
3. Tianshan Mountain Pasture and Bayinbuluk Grassland of Jing Couty
4. Maowusu
5. Elunchun
6. Wetlands in Sanjiang Plain
7. Ganjiang Rive Delta
8. Ecological Environment of Jiangsu
9. Ecological Environment for Panda in China
10. Loss of Vegetation and Soil Erosion in Tingjing River Area, Fujian Province
11. Ecological Environment in Xinjiang
12. The Dianchi Lake
13. The Taihu Lake
14. Monitoring Chlorophyll, Water Temperature and Suspended Matters in Taihu Lake
15. Oil Spill Monitoring
16. 3D Image of Junggar Basin, Bogeda Mountain and Turpan Basin
17. The Dongting Lake
18. Monitoring Flood of the Yellow River
19. Flood Disaster Monitoring in Wuzhoum, Guangxi
20. Dynamic Monitoring of Nanjing Environemtn
21. 3D Urban Heat Island Image of Fuzhou City
22. Prediction of Geological Mineralization and Earth Subsidence
23. Urban Subsidence in Tianjin City
24. Urban Subsidence in Cangzhou City
25. Urban Subsidence in Suzhou City
26. Distribution of Forestry in China
27. The Landuse of China
Appendix Table of Satellite Technical Parameters

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