Atlas of Study on Background Value of Aquatic Environment of the Changjiang River Valley


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Author: Institute of Geography,the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
1998; Hardcover;380x265mm;68

The Changjiang River is the largest one in China,and the third largest one
in the world.

Its mainstream is 6300 km long,and the drainage area is 18000000km2. The Changjiang River valley is a famous industrial zone in China,and also the key region of economic construction and development, so how to utilize the natural resources rationally,to protect natural environment,to maintain ecological balance and to promote the sustainable and stable development of society and economy of this region is an urgent strategic task.
It was based on the research results of background value,made full use of the superiority that a map has a virual expression,systematically showed the spatial distribution law of background value of aquatic environment of the study on background value of aquatic environment of China,particularly presented the latest result and level of the study on background value of aquatic environment of the Changjiang River valley. The basic data used in compiling the atlas were mainly from more than 100 000 data of field investigation and monitoring for 465 sampling points, only very small amount of data were from the statistics of Hydrological Yearbook of the Changjiang River ,all data have entered the computer database, the sampling points locations are accurate, and the data are complete, so the atlas is very authoritative.

The atlas consists of 95 maps,which express in the scale of 1:8500000 and 1:12500000 respectively according to the map covering range. Among these maps there are 18 introductory maps,which mainly reflect the natural environment features and industrial development characteristics of the covered region, so as to reveal the internal relation with the formation of environment background value. The maps of element background value are the major part of the atlas. There are 77 maps which were compiled based on the statistical result of determined values of elements in water facies,sedimentary facies and biological facies, and element types,each map not only reflects the content level of sampling points but also shows the content division of elements


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