LAKES IN CHINA--Research of Their Environment (2-Vol. Set) (out of print)

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Author: Jin Xiangcan etc.
Language: English
1995; Hardcover;19X27cm; Volume 1 - 584 pages

China is a country that boasting of many lakes, over 2300 of which have areas over 1km2, and the total area of all the lakes reach 70988 km2 accounting for about 0.8% of the total area of the country, with a total storage capacity amounts to 707.7 billion m3, of which fresh
water storing capacity amounts to 225 billion m3. Besides,there are 86825 reservoirs, with a total storage capacity 413 billion m3. The increase of population and the development of economy have brought some environmental problems unfavorable to the ecosystem of lakes, such as pollution of toxic organic substances and heavy metals caused by large amount of discharge of pollutants, entrophication of lakes, the deterioration of water quality in arid and semiarid regions caused by reclaiming land from lakes. All these speed up the aging process of lakes and reservoirs and deteriorate their water quality, disturb the ecosystem of lakes and hinder the utilization of lakes, in some case, even cause the total loss of their function, or the disappearance of lakes themselves. This book is a large special work of the environmental research on 35 lakes and 5 reservoirs of China, and control and management of their pollution.

It is the result of years of researches and the summing up of scientific experiments conducted by lake environmental experts, professors and other scientific and technical personnel of China. The book is rich in content, with abundant tables and charts, offering comparatively complete data and systematicto distribution and characteristics of lakes in China, their environmental problems , the present state and the trend of control and management of their pollution and preventive techniques and countermeasures to be taken to solve them.

It includes the natural environmental shapes of lake in China, main environmental parameters of major lakes, their hydrological and hydrodynamic characteristics, their water resources and utilization and development, their hydrochemistry and aquatic biocommunities, their entrophication, the shrinking of lakes and reduction of water volume, pollution caused by heavy metals, tonic organic substances, and aquatic virus, as well as lake environmental administration and countermeasures. It is a concentrated reflection of the result of China's investigation and research of the past decades in this field. The book provide latest information on a large number of lakes and reservoirs of various types, such as their shapes, water quality, techniques and achievements in controlling and preventing and curing of their pollution.


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