Contribution to the Geology of the Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau (12) - Tectonics in Sanjiang (Used)

青藏高原地質文集(12)- “三江”構造地質

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Author: CGQXP Editorial Committee
Language: Chinese with English abstracts
Published on: 1983-01

● Lancang Movement – Structural Movement of Indo-Sinian Tectonic Age in Sanjiang Fold System
● A preliminary study on the north boundary and the evolution of Gondwana and Tethys in light of the new data on Qinghai- Xizang
● The Kunlun-Bayan Har sea and its relation to evolution of Tethys
● The characteristics of Sanjiang arcuate structure and its evolution
● The geological feature and its formation in the Sanjiang arcuate structural zone
● The geological characteristics on eastern sector of plate suture line Nujiang-Bangong Co in Xizang (Tibet)
● On Jinshajiang-Honghe Fracture zone
● Evolution of the Trench-Arc-Basin tectonic System in the middle belts of Sanjiang
● The tectonic features of the Simao depression Western Yunnan
● The discovery of a palaeoceanic crust strip along the line from Litang to Ganzi in Sichuan and its significance on plate tectonics
● The Cenozoic tectonics at the eastern margin of Qinghai-Xizang plateau
● An approach to the division and correlation of Permian and Triassic in East Xizang (Tibet) – West Sichuan from the point of view of Plate tectonics
● Some new observations on the tectonic development of Sanjiang region, East Xizang (Tibet)
● The Late Quaternary movement of Honghe fault
● Tectonic evolution of West Yunnan
● A study of a few problems concerning the Neotectonic Movements in West Yunnan
● The basic geological characteristics in Qamdo district
● A preliminary study on Bangong Co-Nujing suture

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