Land Resources In The Loess Plateau Of China


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Author: Zhu Xianmo
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
Published on: 1986-01

1. Basic Facts of The Loess Plateau
(1) Geographic Location
(2) Huang he River and it's Tributaries
(3) The Cradle of the Chinese Culture
(4) Loess-The Important Material Base of Land Resource
(5) Land Foundation
(6) Soil Resources-The Characteristic Mark of Land Fertility
2. Soil Erosion-Impetus to Destruction of Land Resources
(1) Water Erosion or Erosion by Water
(2) Gravitational Erosion
(3) Wind Erosion-Erosion by Wind
(4) Main Calamities Caused by Soil Erosion
(5) Characteristic Landscapes Caused by Soil Erosion
3. Land Types and their Evolution
(1) Mt.Land
(2) Hill Land-Loess Hill (Liang and Ta)
(3) Yuan Land
(4) Chuan Land (Lands in Valleys With Different Deposits and Levels)
4. Approaches to Realignment of Land
(1) Regulation of Land Utlization
(2) Speed up the Building of Vegetation
(3) Agricultural Technical Measurements
(4) Technical Improvement for Planting Trees and Grasses
(5) Water Conservance
(6) Engineering Practice of Soil and Water Conservation
(7) Vegetable Practice of Soil and Water Conservation
(8) Comprehensive Conservation

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