Trust in The Theory China's Philosophy for a New International Order


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Author: Maya
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787119093352
Published on: 2015-07


Why We Sing of China’s Development
China’s Development Model and Its Theoretical Basis
China’s Success in Addressing the Crisis
Deng Xiaoping’s Political Wisdom and the Realization of His Goal
A Gradualist Reform in Which We“Wade across the River by Feeling for the Stones”
The Washington Consensus and the“Two Lost Decades”for Developing Countries
The Government Fulfills Its Duty and the Market Plays Its Role
A New Model Is Needed to Demystify the Chinese Economy
China’s Governmentality and the Dao of Governance
Three Phases of China’s Governance in Two Centuries
The Party—state System Solves the Problem of Governability
Build Foundation in the First 30 Years and lhke Off in the Latter 30 Years
State Governance and State Capacity
Four Advantages of the Chinese Political System
Western Forms of Government and the Dao of Governance in China
The CPCs “Democracy” Is Understood within the Scope of the Dao of Governance
Abandon “Form of Government Determinism”
China’s Strategic Vision in the 21st Century
Why Did the US Shift Its Global Strategic Focus to the East?
A Deadlock the US Cannot Resolve
How Should China Respond to the Polarization of Asia?
We Should Use Money as a Political Card
Launching Wars against China? The US Should Not Even Think about It
Chinese People Should Be Confident in Their Own Country
China’s Maritime Strategy in the Island Disputes
China’s Future Development Is Ocean—oriented
The US Is the Backstage Manipulator of Disputes in the East China Sea and the South China Sea
It Is a Strategic Miscakulation for the US to Treat China as “the Enemy”
“Six Existences” to Assert Chinese Sovereignty over the South China Sea
Forge a United Front to Safeguard the Fruits of the Victory of World War Ⅱ
Chinese Schoolin the World Soaalist Theory System
Difficulties and Challenges Brought about by Theories Lagging behind Reality
There Will Be No Successful and Unique Chinese Path without Theoretical Innovation
The Development and Progress of Human Society Does Not Follow a Straight Line
Socialism Is the Human Spirit through the Ages
Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Were Initiators of the “Chinese School”
The CPC Is the Vanguard Safeguarding the Over all Interests of the Chinese Nation
China’s Core Social Value Should Be the “Greater Chinese Family”

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