World Atlas of Oil and Gas Basins

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Author: Li Guoyu
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787502174194
Published on: 2009-01

The New Atlas of World Oil and Gas Basins is a culmination of author's research and studies on world oil and geology carried out over the past 57 years. The Atlas covers an introduction of world petroleum geology, world oil and gas resources and the development of the global oil industry. The world’s five continents, 190 countries and regions, 507 petroliferous basins, as well as 560 big and significant oil and gas fields are all covered.

? World topography
? World map
? Geological map of the world continents
? World map of regional structures
? World map of oil and gas basins
? Classification of oil and gas basins by geometry of sections
? Calssification of world oil and gas fields
? World map of oil and gas resources
? Curves of world oil and gas reserves , production and price
? World oil trade
? Asian oil and gas basins
? People’s Republic of China
? D.P.R.Korea , R.O.Korea
? Mongolia
? Japan Burma, Thailand , Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
? Malaysia , Singapore, Brunei
? Indonesia, East Timor
? Sumatera Central Basin
? Philippines
? Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh
? India, Sri Lanka, Maldives
? Bombay basin
? Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan
? Caspian sea oil and gas region
? Pre- Caspian Sea basin
? North Ustyurt basin
? Mangyshlak basin
? South Caspian Sea basin
? Amur (Kara Kum) basin
? ……
? North Kavkaz basin Sakhalin basin
? Australia, Papua New Guinea
? Gippsland basin New Zealand , Samoa, Fiji, Tonga
? North American oil and gas basins
? Canada
? Western Canada oil and gas region
? Los Angeles basin
? Rocky Mountain basins
? Williston basin
? Michigan basin
? Mexico Gulf oil and gas region
? Appalachian basin
? Alaska oil and gas region
? Mexico
? Tampico basin
? Caribbean sea region
? South American oil and gas basins
? Colombia, Ecuador
? Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname
? Maracaibo basin
? Venezuela East basin
? Peru, Bolicia, Paraguay
? Putumayo basin Brazil, Uruguay
? Campos basin Chile, Argentina
? Antarctica
? Arctic Ocean

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