Lithospheric Geoscience (4)


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Author: Li Maosong
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1996-01

1. A Discussion on some Problems of Intercontinental Orogenic Belt
2. A Early Proterozoic Foreland Basin Associated with the Intra-plate Orogeny, Wutai Mt., North China Craton
3. Research on the Detachment Depth About Nappe of Huoyanshan Mt. In Turfan-Hami Basin
4. Deformation of Jixi Basins Related to Sinistral Movement of Dunmi Fault
5. The Xiaoqinling Metamorphic Core Complex, Detacment Fault and its Kinematics
6. Relationship Between Acoustic Properties and Lithology, Saturation, Effective Ovrberdon Pressure
7. Pressure Distribution in the Seepage Flow Field Around an Obstacle
8. Listric Normal Fault and its relation to the Seismic Activity
9. Frasnian-Famennian Mass Extinction and its Mechanisms in the Benthic Facies of Central Hunan, China
10. Silurian Paleobiogeography in North China and Adjacent Regions and It's Relationship with the Plate Tectonics
11. Correlation of the Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary of Tarim by Chemobiostratigraphy
12. Igneous Intrusions and the Associated Alteration-mineralization in Changzhi-Anyang Area, China
13. Microstructures and Reflectivity of Coal-based Graphite
14. Electron Spin Resonance and Infrared Absorption in Natural Beryl
15. High Pressure Granulite: Evidence of the Late Archaean Collision in Northwest Hebei Province, China
16. Characteristics of Enclaves and Their Host Granodiorite from Yezhushan and Discussion on Genesis of the Dioritic Enclaves
17. Graph Information System of Mineral Crystal Structure
18. The Study on the Mineral Graphics Information System
19. Microcomputer Editing and Intellignet Getting Value of Geological Map
20. The Ages of Volcanic Activity and Geochemistry of Magmatism of the Keluo-Wudalianchi-Erkeshan (KWE) Volcano Belt in China
21. Early Paleozoic Vocanic Rocks in Northern Qinling Area: Geochemical Evidence of the Crust-Mantle Internaction in the Subduction Zone
22. High-Temperature Geolthermal Resources in Yunnan-Tibet Gteothermal Belt
23. Hydrothermal Alteration and Model of Thermal Reservoir in Yangyi Geothermal Field of Tibet, China
24. Quantitative Infrared Spectral Analysis of Aragonite and Calcite

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