Geological Memoirs--Tectonic evolution of the lithosphere of the Himalayas

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Author: Xiao Xuchang,Li Tingdong,Li Guangcen,Chang Chengfa
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1988-01

Five plates named sino-Korean(I),Tarim-Qaidam(II),Yangtze-Bayan Har(III 1-2),Qiang Tang-Gangdise(IV) and India-Himalayan(V) plates,including seven microplates(or blocks) in Qinghai-Xizang(Tibet) plateau and its Adjacent area(Fig.II-2) are distinguished and depicted on the basis of sedimentary formation,structural deformation,magmatism and metamorphism as well as the tectonic evolution, and they are respectively sutured by four major suture zones viz(Fig.II-2):Qilian (Chilian)-Qinling (1),Eastern Kunlun-Southern Qinliang (2), Southern Karakorum-Dengqen-Lancangjiang (4) and Yarlung Zangbo(Tsangpo) (5) suture zone, the first two suture zones represent the paleo-ocean basin in the north,named QinQi-Kun ocean, having been subducted and consumed in the late Caledonian, while the last two, the Mesozoic ocean basin in the south, repectively named north or early Tethys Basin and south or late Tethys ocean basin,having been subducted and consumed respectively in the middle Mesozoic and early Tertiary.

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