Palaeontologia sincia(whole Number 152,New Series B,Number 11)Ordovician Trilobite Faunas of Central and Southwestern China


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Author: Lu Yen-Hao
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
1975; Paperback;230x310mm;463 pages+46 plates

The Ordovician trilobites of central and southwestern China here described contain 187 species in 2 subgenus, 75 genera, 22 subfamilies and 30 families, of which 103 species, 4 subspecies, 11 genera, 2 subfamilies and 2 families are new. They were collected from six regions, namely (1) Western Hupeh, (2) South Szechuan,(3) Northern Kueichou,(4) Huayinshan Region, central Szechuan, (5) western Szechuan and (6) southern Shensi. On the basis of stratigraphical successions and faunal characters, fossil zones are distinguished in the Ordovician strata of each region.

Table of Contents

II.Systematic Descriptions
Family Geragnostidea Howell, 1935
Family SHUMARDIIDAE Lake, 1907
Family OLENIDAE Burmeister, 1843
Family SOLENOPLEURIDAE Angelin, 1854
Family KOMASPIDIDAE Kobayashi, 1935
Family TELEPHINIDAE Marek, 1952
Family REMOPLEURIDIDAE Hawle & Corda, 1847
Family LOSHANELLIDAE Lu (fam. nov)
Family ASAPHIDAE Burmeister, 1843
Family NILEIDAE Angelin, 1854
Family DIKELOKEPHALINIDAE Kobayashi, 1936
Family CYCLOPYGIDAE Raymond, 1925
Family ILIAENIDAE Hawle et Corda, 1847
Family BATHYURIDAE Walcott, 1886
Family DIMEROPYGIDAE Hupé, 1953
Family HARPIDAE Hawle et Corda, 1847
Family HARPIDIDAE Whittington, 1950
Family TRINUCLEIDAE Hawle et Corda, 1847
Family DIONIDIDAE Gurich, 1908
Family RAPHIOPHORIDAE Angelin, 1854
Family CHEIRURIDAE Salter, 1864
Family HAMMATOCNEMIDAE Kielan, 1959
Family PLIOMERIDAE Raymond, 1913
Family ENCRINURIDAE Angelin, 1854
Family CALYMENIDAE Burmeister, 1843
Family EUCALYMENIDAE Lu (fam. nov)


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