Proceedings of 2002 Beijing International Geothermal symposium


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Author: Liu Jiurong
Language: Chinese and English bilingual
2002; Hardcover;210x270mm;398


1. Geothermal Exploitation and Utilization
(1) Worldwide Utilization of Geothermal Energy and its Application to 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China
(2) Geothermal Resources and Development in China
(3) Geothermal Resources Development and Utilization in Italy
(4) The Status and Trend Analysis of geothermal Development and Utiliztion in China
(5) 30 Years of Urban Geothermal Development in china
(6) Geothermal Development in Iceland and China
(7) Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization in tanggu, Tianjin, China
(8) Development of Geothermal Technology for 20 Years in NEDO, Japan
(9) Geothermal Prospects in fujian Province, China
(10) Geothermal " Fair Play" for Natural Environment and Sustainable Development in Poland
(11) A New Pattern of Geothermal Development and Utilization in Beijing-The World Geothermal Natural Science Park
(12) The Geothermal Well on the Campus of Peking University
(13) Geothermal Energy use in Russia and Environment Parks
(14) A Preliminary Study on Genetic Types and Prospect for Geothermal Development in Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region
(15) The Comparison of Basic Types of Medicinal Thermal-mineral Water and Their Utilization in China and Russia
(16) Utilization of Geothermal Energy of the Sokolov Basin in Western Bohemia-Case Study
(17) Geothermal Resources, the Development Status and Planning in the Area of Dagang, Tianjin
(18) The Status of Geothermal Information Exchange in China
(19) Present Status of Geothermal Electricity in Mexico
(20) Geothermal Development in Hungary
(21) Geothermal Development in Shanghai, China
2. Geothermal and 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing
(1) A Briefof Beijing Olympic Park
(2) Geothermal Prospects Around Beijing Olympic Park
(3) Hydrogeochemical Study in Beijing Olympic Park Area
(4) Geothermal Resources in the Area of Beijing
(5) Geophysical Demonstration of geothermal Geological Conditions in Beijing Olympic Park
(6) The Feasibility of Geothermal Heating in Beijing Olympic Park
(7) The Design of a Geothermal Heating System in a Residential area near Beijing Olympic Park
3. Exploration and Assessment of Geothermal Resources
(1) Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Beijing plains Area
(2) Distribution and Characteristics of Non-volcanic Geothermal Resources in the Southern Part of Tohoku ARC, Japan
(3) Potential Assessment of the Urban Geothermal Field, Beijing, China
(4) Low Enthalpy Geothermal Systems in New Zealand: a Review
(5) A Study on Relation between Water Level and Exploitation in Xiaotangshan Geothermal Field, Beijing
(6) Bourgas Hydrothermal Basin-Structure and Geothermal Potential, Bulgaria
(7) The Forming Mechanism and the Background Isotopic Characteristics of th eGeothermal Fluid in Tianjin
(8) Low Temperature Geothermal Wells with Geysering Discharge Driven by Carbon Dioxide
(9) Geothermal Resources in the City of Xinji, Hebei, China
(10) Geothermal Resources and Exploitation in the area of Liangxiang, Beijing
(11) The Relation Between Geotemperature Field and Geological Structure in the Central Part of Xiaotangshan Geothermal Field and the Urban Geothermal Field of Beijing
4. Management of geothermal Resources
(1) Geothermal Management in the City of Beijing
(2) Sustainable Management of Geothermal Resources
(3) A Study on the Management of the Geothermal Resources Development in Tianjin
(4) Application of 3D Visualization Technology to Geothermal Research in Tianjin
(5) Development of Geothermal Geographic Information System in Tianjin
(6) Sustainable Utilization of geothermal Resources and Environment Protection in Tibet
(7) The Application of a Monitoring and Control System in lindian Geothermal Field, Daqing, China
(8) Experiment and Development of a Remote Monitoring System for Geothermal Wells in Beijing
5. Research and Application of Techniques
(1) Geothermal Energy: Sustainability, Environment, and the 2008 Olympic Park in Beijing, China-A Summary
(2) The Application of water Source Heat Pump for Geothermal Space Heating in Beijing
(3) Geothermal District Heating Experience in Turkey
(4) The Reinjection Tests in Basement Geothermal Reservoir, Tianjing, China
(5) Comprehensive Use of Geothermal Energy for Large Sports Complexes-The Icelandic Approach
(6) Simulation of Feasibility of Geothermal Reinjection in Xi'an, China
(7) Leakage and Mixing of Thermal Waters as a Consequence of Exploitation in the Mura Basin (SW Pannonian Basin)
(8) Approach on Implementation of Reinjection to Low Temperature Geothermal Reservoir-Case Study in Beijing Urban Geothermal Field
(9) Reconstruction of a 60000 m2 Greenhouse for Direct Application of Geothermal Energy
(10) A Few Aspects of Geothermal Reinjection in the area of Beijing
(11) Feasibility of Reforming Waste Oil Wells into Geothermal Wells
(12) Optimal Design of Plate Heat Exchanger in the Geothermal Heating System
(13) Discussion on the Combination of Pipe Heat Storage System and Heat Pump
(14) Application of Computer Network and automation Technology in Geothermal Monitoring and Controlling System


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