Sedimentary Environment and Hydrocarbon Generation of Cenozoic Salifield Lakes in China

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Author: Sun Zheng cheng
Language: Chinese
Published on: 1999-01

This book thinking mainly includes:
(1) systematical treating of Cenozoic and recent salifield -lake basin types and distribution and the sedimentary environments, and then study the deposits and the environment feature of Eogene salified-lake basins on the realism analogy principle;
(2) Studying of form ainifers and cacareous nanofossilfound in the salified-lake deposits and erconsidering the "transgressive index fossils in" in continental lake deposits:
(3) Dealing with salified-lake minerals and the inorganic geochemistry of their deposits;
(4) Discussing the "Eogene transgressions in eastern China" on the basins of above studies, and using the Jiyang Depressions an example;
(5) probing into the characters of salified lake source rocks, their hydrocarbon generation, as well as the hydrocarbon generation of salified lake sedimentary rocks and its theoretical significance. This book is based on studying more than 2,200 biological and paleological samples from recent and Cenozoic salified-lake and more than 320 inorganic and organic geochemistry samples.
Seven Chapters:
1. Classification and distribution of salified lake basins in China;
2. Environments and deposition features of salified lake basins;
3. Reconsideration of the “Transgressive Fossils” in the continental lake deposits;
4. Mineralogical and inorganic geochemical features of salified lakes;
5. Discussions on the Eogene “Transgression” in East China;
6.Eogene “Transgressions” in Jiyang Depression the Upper part of the 4th member of the Shahejie formation as an example.
7.Hydrocarbon generation of salified lake source Rocks;

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