Symposium on Sino-Russia Northeast Asia Petroleum Geology & Hydrocarbon Prospect Seminar

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Author: Hu Jianyi
Language: English
Published on: 1994-01

1. Petroliferous Province and Resource Potential of the Northeast Asia
2. Origin, Transgression, Hydrocarbon Source Rocks and Oil/Gas Distribution of Songliao Basin
3. Geologic Condition and Resource Potential Analysis of Rift Depression in the North Part of the Discordogenic Tan-Lu Fault System
4. The Resource and Potential of Heavy Oil in Liaohe Oilfield
5. Discussion on the Genesis of Composite Oil and Gas Accumulations in the Beidagang Complicated Fault Blocks
6. Petroleum Geology and Models of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Distribution in Lower Cretaceous of Erlian Rift Basin, Inner Mongolia,China
7. The Characteristics of Petroleum Geology and Petroleum Prospectives of the Beach Area in Jiyang Depression
8. The Petrolem Geological Features of the Sedimentary Basin with Volcanic Rocks in Daqing Exploration Area.
9. Geological Architecture and Oil-bearing Potential Analysis of Mesozoic Depositional Basins Surrounding Liaohe Basin
10. Geological Framework and Hydrocarbon Potential in Erlian Basin, China 11. Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Oil and Gas Exploration in Eastern China
12. Geophysical Prediction Techniques For Complex Oil/Gas Fields
13. Results of Petroleum Exploration in the Zaisan, East Ili and Alai Depressions
14. Pre-Cambrian Formations of the South Siberian Craton: Geological Structure and Petroleum Potential
15. Geological and Historical Models of Sedimentary Basins of the Siberian Platform and Their Oil and Gas Potential
16. Geochemistry of Oil and Condensates of Precambrian and Cambrian of Siberian Platform, Ancient Oil & Gas-bearing Complexes, Their Potential and the Conditions of Oil & Gas Conservation
17. Geological and Geochemical Criteria of Preservation of Hydrocarbon Accumulations in East Siberia as Related to Oil and Gas Occurrence
18. Cenozoic in the Evolution of Sedimentary Basins of the Russian Far East and its Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Area.
19. Geochemical Anomalies at the Siberian Platform, Their Influence on the Geophysical Fields and Significance for Oil and Gas Prospecting
20. East Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation: Geological Structure and Petroleum Potential
21. The Most Important Sources of Oil and Gas and Their Role in Distribution of Oil and Gas Deposits at the Siberian Platform
22. Petroleum Potential of the Territory of Mongolia

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